Today we present you an exclusive interview with an artist born in Serbia, but who now lives in Turkey – Sait Esmeray. The singer achieved success with the release of the single ,,Kill’ Em”, and today he will reveal more about him in the interview with IdeaMan.

Sait Esmeray
We know that your single “Kill’Em” is No 1 in the Shazam top in Turkey and on the…. 320 worldwide. What does this performance mean to you?

It expresses me a gorgeous beginning. It’s a pleasure to have achieved the success we believe we are aiming for. It’s a very beautiful feeling and motivating for the future.

Sait Esmeray – Kill ‘Em (pre video clip)
Speaking of your new song, what can you tell us about it?

Kill ‘ Em is a piece combined with G-house and trap, popular music genres of our day, featuring Turkish melodies. Turkish music has an incredibly rich past, that’s why at the point of inspiration, Kill Em was inspired by Turkish music and became a part of the east-west synthesis.

How did your collaboration with Roton Music begin?

When my song achieved success in Turkey and became number 1, it took Roton Music’s attention. My record company in Turkey Jest music and Roton Music formed contact and collaborated. Roton Music was a music company that I knew and liked, and I’m very happy to have such a collaboration.

What means ,,success” to you?

For me, success is achieving my goals. To be able to announce my song to a lot of people, to attract their attention, to see support from them, is the definition of success. In this way, we have reached the point we planned.

What is the country you want to visit, but never could?

I have been to many countries, but I can say that I am a big lover of Europe and the Balkans. Romania is the country that I want to go and this country is in my plans. It’s one of the rare countries I haven’t been to in the Balkans and Europe, and I’m really curious about it.

Tell us 3 things that Romanians should know about Sait Esmeray.

1- I was born in Serbia, so I am half Turkish, half Serbian. I feel very close to the Balkans, I have a connection between Balkans and Serbia.

2- Also I’m a lawyer. I finished college with a good result, I was always a working student, but now my focus is completely in music.

3- I’m a man who likes to live in the moment. I’m someone who wants to be positive and my aim is to be positive always. My energy is always high, and I reflect it to my relatives.

Do you have any hidden talent?

I’ve been very active in sports since I was little. For example I play table tennis and basketball very well.

What is the most interesting thing about you?

It’s a difficult question 🙂 as someone who likes to talk and listen, I am someone who can convince people around me and change their minds. That’s why I read the law faculty. I like being able to touch people’s lives.

What is your favourite moment?

I can say that this is my favorite moment when I feel that when we make a new song as a team, the song that we do can be a hit. That’s what Kill Em was like.

Do you have a place where you really like to spend your time?

As being someone who likes to go out, there are restaurants and bars where I feel good and enjoy spending time. I often go and spend time at that kind of places with my friends.

Which is your favourite turkish dish?

I can say Turkish ravioli (manti).

Is there a person that inspires you, like an idol?

I cannot say that this person is my idol but there are djs/producers that I inspired from; Swedish House Mafia, Avicii. 

Here we have a message from Sait Esmeray for IdeaMan

Here we have a message from Sait Esmeray

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